This project centers on human development, natural resources, and their changing interactions in the East European triangle of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. This is a new research agenda in that it combines a broad view on the political economy of the region with a focus on the diverging public spheres and political institutions of Russia, Ukraine and Poland. It is also a pioneering study of demodernization – a phenomenon that has been developing in a number of resource-bound states around the world.

Comparing contemporary Russia, a resource-bound state that renders its population superfluous, with the illiberal tendencies in Ukraine and Poland, will enable an assessment of how the forces of demodernization pose a European and global challenge.



Project Leader:
Prof. Alexander Etkind, Chair in Russian-European Relations, European University Institute
e-mail: [email protected]

Administrative Assistant:
Fabrizio Borchi, European University Institute
e-mail: [email protected]